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PTGui is panoramic image stitching software for Windows, macOS and Linux. Originally started as a Graphical User Interface for Panorama Tools (hence the name), PTGui has evolved into a full featured, industry leading photo stitching application.


PTGui is blazing fast! Thanks to OpenCL GPU acceleration PTGui is able to stitch a 1 Gigapixel panorama in about 25 seconds on modest hardware.


Just drop your photos into PTGui and it will figure out how they overlap. PTGui can stitch multiple rows of images and supports all lenses, including fisheyes.


PTGui gives you full control over the result, enabling you to create perfect panoramas even of difficult scenes, where other stitchers fail.

Spherical Panoramas

Create fully spherical 360° x 180° panoramas. PTGui includes interactive panorama viewers both for local viewing on your computer, and for embedding in a web page.

Look around, up and down in the scene by clicking and dragging with the mouse.

Gigapixel Panorama, stitched with PTGui

Gigapixel Panoramas

Or stitch hundreds or even thousands of photos together into stunning images with billions of pixels. Create photos which are sharp even when printed meters wide!

HDR Panoramas

PTGui Pro offers full support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. No additional software needed! Just load your bracketed source images, PTGui Pro will combine them into an HDR panorama. High quality tone mapping and exposure fusion algorithms are built in. OpenEXR output is also supported, for HDR rendering applications.
HDR Panorama

Little Planet Image

Little Planet

Be creative! PTGui supports several panoramic projections including equirectangular (for spherical panoramas), rectilinear (for architectural scenes with straight lines) and stereographic, for Little Planet images such as this one.

More features

PTGui comes in two versions: the standard version and PTGui Pro.
For a comparison see all features »


Give PTGui a try! The trial version is fully functional, there's no time limit, but stitched panoramas have a visible watermark.

Download PTGui 12.26


Or purchase a license and start creating your own panoramas! A personal license for PTGui costs € 175 or US$ 189.

Buy a license


A few examples of panoramas created by PTGui users:
Perseverance Rover, Mars
Perseverance Rover, Mars panorama
360° drone panorama, Iceland
360° drone panorama, Iceland panorama
Old town hall, Prague
Old town hall, Prague panorama
In the barbershop
In the barbershop panorama
© Sasha Preradovich
Many more panoramas in the gallery »


First check out our video tutorials, these explain how to properly shoot images for a panorama, and how to stitch them with PTGui.

For in-depth tutorials on subjects like HDR, Masking and Viewpoint Correction see Tutorials »

Extensive documentation for every function is available by pressing F1 in PTGui (on Mac: fn + F1).

If you get stuck, check the Frequently Asked Questions (and answers): Support / FAQ »

In case your question is not answered there, ask for help in the Support Forum »

For tutorials written by PTGui users, books, workshops and panorama hardware: Links »
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PTGui is a product of New House Internet Services BV, The Netherlands.
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