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Be sure to watch our Video Tutorials first! More video tutorials by Florian Knorn can be found at

Levelling a panorama:
How to level a panorama in PTGui (video tutorial by Hans Nyberg)
Levelling an already stitched panorama (video tutorial by John Houghton)

Ultimate workflow tutorial for creating massive panoramas
Video tutorial on shooting and stitching a landscape panorama, By Rhett Cutrell

Creating a Night Pano
By Eric Harness / Star Circle Academy

Склейка сферической панорамы 360x180° в программе PTGui Pro
Russian PTGui tutorial by Jaroslav Pindora

Tutoriel PTGui (Français / French)
by Arnaud Frich

Fotografia immersiva (Italian)
Extensive Italian tutorial for PTGui by Marco Stucchi

Finding the nodal point using PTGui (PDF)
A simple hands-on instruction using PTGui to find the no-parallax point of a lens. By Frank Cullmann

PTGui Viewpoint Tutorial – Nadirbild in Panorama perfekt einsetzen (German)
By Patrick Ludolph

Stitching con PTgui (Italiano)
Arcangelo Piai

GIGAPIXEL con le DSLR Nikon (Italiano)
Arcangelo Piai

Tecniche di Photo Stitching (Italiano)
Tecniche di Photo Stitching Approfondimento: Control Points t1/t2 e uscita "Blended+Layers" (Italiano)
Tecniche di Photo stitching: il Focus Stitch (Italiano)
By Enrico Cinalli

How to straighten horizons and correct verticals
Using the special Hor / Vert (t1/t2) control points to get a straight horizons and upright buildings, by John Houghton

Correcting lens distortion with the new "Straight Line" control points and PTGui
(or german version)
By Erik Krause

Books, video

The HDRI Handbook
Covers (a.o.) stitching HDR panoramas using PTGui Pro.
By Christian Bloch (panorama chapter by Bernhard Vogl)

Virtual Reality Photography
320 pages covering nearly every aspect of both Panoramic VR and Object VR photography, including photography basics and business practises.
By pioneering VR photographer Scott Highton.

Phantom Filmschool 2
Shoot photos and videos like a pro with a DJI Phantom quadcopter. Includes a section on shooting aerial panoramas.
By Laurence Seberini

Panoramafotografie: Sphärische Panoramen mit PTGui
Panoramafotografie: HDR-Panoramen
10 hours worth of training videos (in German) by Thomas Bredenfeld! Thomas is a very experienced panoramic photographer, author and trainer, and a PTGui user since 2001!

Panorama Fotografie (german / deutsch)
Dieses Buch zeigt Ihnen nicht nur beeindruckende Panoramaaufnahmen, Harald Tedesco nimmt Sie an die Hand und zeigt Ihnen haarklein, wie es geht.
By Harald Tedesco

Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography (english)
Panoramafotografie – Theorie und Praxis (german / deutsch)
A comprehensive guide for panoramic photography, with extensive coverage of PTGui.
By Harald Woeste

Interaktive Panoramafotografie - Aufnahme, Stitching, Publizieren (german / deutsch)
With in depth coverage of PTGui
By Chris Witzani

Praxisbuch Digitale Panoramafotografie (german / deutsch)
Das umfassende Handbuch zur digitalen Panoramafotografie mit anschaulichen Beispielen.
By Thomas Bredenfeld


Peter Lorber & Courtenay Gilbert’s Photography Workshops: Peter, a master photographer, panoramist and Courtenay, a professional photographer, post production specialist will work with you to expand and improve your photography skills. They will show you how to work with various panoramic VR drives, professional stitching programs and how to optimize your images in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. more...

The Netherlands:
Jeroen Jazet geeft op 1 op 1 workshops van twee uur, waarin je leert een 360 graden panorama te maken, bijvoorbeeld voor Funda. Ook laat hij zien hoe je een virtuele tour in elkaar zet met Panotour Pro. De workshop is maatwerk en kan ingaan op specifieke zaken die je als deelnemer wilt weten. Ook kan hij een setup maken van je statiefkop,etc. De workshop kost 149 euro ex btw en wordt gegeven in Amersfoort.

Florian Knorn is a passionate panoramic photographer and educator. While he also directly works for hire on projects, he mostly does (remote or in-person) consulting and coaching about all things panoramic photography, or photography in general. He has held several workshops as well as one-on-one courses in the past. Website:

Panoramic heads

Nodal Ninja, a lightweight and affordable spherical panorama head.

MK Panorama Systeme: MK PanoMachine, a motorized VR Head.

Novoflex: Manufactures tripod heads and other panorama hardware.

Seitz Roundshot: VR Drive motorized panoramic head

PT4Pano: Precision Tools for Panorama Photography

Bushman Panoramic: Manufacturer of the Kalahari, lightest (380 gram) spherical panoramic head

Tom Shot 360: An ultralight panoramic head for the Samyang 7.5, Samyang 8 and Yashuhara Madoka lenses.

Panohero: Incredibly small, lightweight (30g), and affordable spherical panoramic head for the GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4.

MIOPS Capsule PRO: Versatile pan and tilt head for time-lapse, multi row panorama, 360 product photography and videography.

Panorama hardware

Which lens should I buy? Check out Arnaud Frich's guide on panoramic photo equipment.

Panorama viewers

To display a 360 degree panorama interactively (allowing the user to 'look around' by clicking and dragging with the mouse), a panorama viewer is needed. PTGui includes its own viewer (accessible through Tools - Publish to Website). Other viewers are available, offering more functionality such as clickable hotspots:

Web panorama viewers: Standalone viewers:

Virtual tour hosting

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