Floating and subscription licenses

Sep 5, 2022

A long standing request from larger companies and studios is the option to purchase floating licenses. We're happy to announce that this is now possible.

Until now, only per-computer (also called node locked) licenses were offered for PTGui. A license is purchased for a specific number of computers and only those computers will be able to run PTGui. Many of our larger customers wish to deploy PTGui network wide and allow users to work from any workstation. Purchasing licenses for all computers is not economical if only a small fraction of the computers is actually used for PTGui.

A floating license is the solution: PTGui can be installed on all computers in the network. A license is purchased for the maximum number of concurrent users ('seats'). When PTGui is launched, a seat from the license is 'checked out'. PTGui holds onto the seat for as long as it is running. As soon as the user quits PTGui, the seat is released and immediately becomes available for use on another computer.

The floating license is available right now, offered as a yearly subscription. It's a new option for those who need it; the current per-computer company license is still available, from now on both as a perpetual license or as a yearly subscription. The subscription gives continuous access to the latest version, at a lower up-front cost.

Finally, the personal license is unchanged. It was and remains a perpetual license, a one time purchase.

For further details and pricing, see Buy a PTGui license.

Upgrade policy
As before, one year of free updates is included with every purchase of a perpetual license. But in practise, free updates would often be available for a much longer time. For example, PTGui 12.13 is offered free of charge for licenses purchased all the way back to August 2018. We're now formalizing this by offering all minor updates for free to all users with a license for the corresponding major version. So if you have a license for PTGui 12, all 12.x updates will be included, regardless of the date of purchase. This ensures you will have access to all available bug fixes for your licensed version of PTGui. Additionally, if version 13 is released within one year, your license will be upgraded to version 13. (yes we're working on version 13! but no, we don't have a release date yet, it will be released when it's ready).

After one year, discounted upgrade pricing is offered, you don't need to purchase a new license at full price. For current pricing see: Upgrade pricing.

Of course the upgrade policy applies to the perpetual licenses only; the new subscription licenses will give access to the latest version for as long as the subscription is active.

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