Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement of New House Internet Services B.V.

4 April 2018

During the processing we conform to the requirements of the applicable data protection legislation. This means we: New House Internet Services B.V. is the party responsible for all data processing. In this privacy statement, we will explain which personal data we collect and for which purposes. We recommend that you read it carefully.
Handling your order
We will use your personal data when handling your order. For this purpose, we use your gender, payment details, phone number, invoice address, email address, name and address details and ip address. The law requires us to do this. We store this information until you terminate your End User License Agreement with us and seven years thereafter (the legal retention period).
Payment processing
To process your payment, your personal data will be shared with the applicable payment processor. Payments made using PayPal are subject to PayPal's privacy policy. Payments by credit card are subject to Adyen's privacy policy and Buckaroo's privacy policy. Purchases made through our reseller Digital River are subject to Digital River's privacy policy. The payment processor in turn may share certain personal data with us during or after the payment process. This data may include a few digits from your credit card number, the credit card expiration date, credit card issuer, the cardholder name and address, the bank account number or PayPal account name. The law requires us to store this information. We store this information until you terminate your End User License Agreement with us and seven years thereafter (the legal retention period).
Software activation
The PTGui software requires online activation before it can be used. Through activation we keep track of the number of computers on which PTGui is installed. It also gives us ways to prevent uses of PTGui that are not permitted under the End User License Agreement or under applicable copyright regulations. Details about the activation process can be found in the End User License Agreement for PTGui.

For activation purposes the PTGui software transmits the following information to us: Activation and re-activation may happen in the background at any time without notice while PTGui is running. We have a legitimate interest in doing this. We store this information until you terminate the End User License Agreement for PTGui.
Update checking
The PTGui software may contact us to check for new versions of the software and notify you if a new version is available. The software performs this update check in the background without prior notification. In order to provide you with a direct download link for updates, PTGui may transmit your license key to us as part of this process. We keep logs of this personal data for one month to help us debug technical problems. After one month this data may be kept in aggregate anonymized form. You may disable automatic update checking in the PTGui Options or Preferences.
Crash reports and other diagnostic data
If PTGui encounters a technical problem (for example a crash), or if encounters data which might be helpful in improving PTGui (for example image metadata from an unsupported camera model), PTGui may propose to send this data to us. We will ask your consent before doing this and we will make clear what information will be transmitted to us.
Your feedback to us
For purposes of technical support you may send us your images, documents or other intellectual property. By sending us this data you give us permission to use and store this data permanently. Please do not include personal data in this data. We will not publish your images without your consent.
Technical support forum
We offer technical support in the PTGui support forum. This is a public forum, hosted by Google in Google Groups. Everything posted to the PTGui support forum will be visible to the world. Google is responsible for handling this data. For more information see Google's Privacy Policy.
Other than the advertisements on the website, we can inform you about updates, new products or services by e-mail. You can object at all times against this promotional communication. Every e-mail contains a cancellation link. You can inform us through your account.
We will not publish your customer data.
Providing Data to Third Parties
We may provide your data to our partners. These partners are involved in the execution of the agreement.
We take security measures to prevent misuse of and unauthorised access to personal data.
Changes to this Privacy Statement
We reserve the right to modify this statement. We recommend that you consult this statement on a regular basis, so that you remain informed of any changes.
Inspection and Modification of your Data
You can always contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or wish to review, modify or delete your personal data.

You have the following rights: Please note that you must always make clear who you are, so that we can assure we do not modify or remove another person’s data.
If you think that we are not helping you in the right way, you have the right to lodge a complaint at the authority. For The Netherlands, this is the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.
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