Beta versions

A new version of PTGui will be released soon, and you can download a beta version already. This beta version is intended for testing; keep in mind that it may contain bugs or run unstable.

Download PTGui 13 beta 8

PTGui 13 beta

PTGui 13 features a new Patch Editor, DNG output, better RAW/DNG file handling, performance improvements and much more!

Patch Editor (PTGui Pro)

A new retouching tool has been added to PTGui Pro: the Patch Editor. It can be used to remove unwanted objects from the stitched panorama, for example the tripod. Or to fill gaps in areas not covered by any source image, including the nadir and zenith. And it can be used to retouch any remaining stitching errors, for example those caused by parallax.
Patch Editor
The Patch Editor works similar to the Patch tool found in Photoshop and other image editors: draw a freehand shape around the object to be patched. This area will be cloned from somewhere else in the image. The patch is blended seamlessly using PTGui's Zero Overlap blender with optimum seams. Patch editing is non-destructive: patching is done in a snapshot of the panorama, not in the original source images. The snapshot is then overlaid on the panorama.

To create a patch: simply open the Detail Viewer, go to the area to be patched and click Create Patch. The patch image will be added to the project as a new source image and it is opened in the Patch Editor.

Watch the demo video below to see the Patch Editor in action:

Video: PTGui Pro 13 beta: patch editor

You may download the project file and images used in this video.

DNG output

This has been much requested and it's now possible: PTGui can output panoramas in DNG format:

DNG output

DNG (Digital Negative) is an image format developed by Adobe, designed to store raw image data captured by the camera sensor. It's now possible to stitch panoramas from camera RAW files in PTGui, output as DNG and then fine-tune color, exposure, and other settings in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Capture One or your other preferred RAW image editor.

When stitching to DNG format, most of the editing options such as curves and tone mapping in PTGui are disabled. Besides demosaicing and blending, no other adjustments are applied in PTGui, so the DNG panorama is as close to the original RAW image data as possible.

Improved RAW / DNG handling

PTGui can now remove chromatic aberration and apply noise reduction to RAW and DNG source images! A new 'RAW Preprocess' tab has been added for this purpose.

Certain cameras, for example those in DJI drones, produce DNG files with an embedded lens correction profile. PTGui now reads and applies this profile, giving a much improved image quality.

Combined with the post processing options which were added in PTGui 12, we think PTGui now offers a reasonably complete RAW workflow.

JPEG 2000 support

PTGui 13 can read and write JPEG 2000 images. Contrary to regular JPEG, this supports both 8 and 16 bit per channel pixel depth, it supports transparency and can store gigapixel images. And, compared to TIFF, the files are much smaller thanks to lossy (but good quality) compression. PTGui uses this format by default for the Patch tool, and it's also a good alternative to PSB or TIFF for the output of large panoramas.

Performance improvements

We've optimized the optimizer in PTGui 13! It is much faster when optimizing large panoramas of, say, 100 or more images. This could take hours, but is now down to minutes or even seconds! Because the process of aligning images makes heavy use of the optimizer, initial alignment of such large panoramas is also faster.

Secondly, the optimum seam finding algorithm has been rewritten and is now significantly faster as well. At the default 1/8 setting it's no longer a bottleneck in the stitching process, and the processing time at 1/4 or 1/2 is now bearable if the panorama is not too large.

Other changes

Beta updates


Since this is a beta version it may contain bugs; therefore your feedback is much appreciated. Please post any bugs, comments to the PTGui Forum.


PTGui 13 beta and all 13.x releases will be available free of charge to licensed users who purchased a license on or after September 1st, 2022. If you purchased before this date, you may upgrade your license here. Keep in mind that this is a beta version which contains bugs, so you may want to wait until the final version has been released. A free trial version of PTGui 13 beta is available.

Installing multiple versions side by side

You can try the beta version without overwriting your existing copy of PTGui. On Windows select a different installation folder when prompted during installation (e.g. C:\Program Files\PTGui Beta). On Mac the PTGui application can be copied from the install disk image, renamed, and installed in any folder on your mac, not just the Applications folder.

If you have accidentally overwritten your copy of PTGui you can always download the former version again from this website.


Download PTGui 13 beta 8

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